Question Bank

The Trax Question/Item Bank module can be used either as a stand-alone option or in conjunction with our Multi-Test Examinations or Multi-Survey software with question papers either printed or generated online.  Users can input and generate questions and, in the case of Multi-Test, correct answers from the Question Bank will automatically undertake comparison with candidate responses.

The questions are generated from a previously created common question pool, containing a multi-tiered bank option, which permits users to have as many subheadings to the main subject title as required. These can be in any language supported by your system, password protected with access allowed only for specified administrators/lecturers if required.  Other options within the Question/Item Bank include versioning, learning outcomes, blueprinting, metadata, such as importance and degree of difficulty, as well as pictures, diagrams and videos, audio files along with a complete history relating to last use and the number of times used.


In addition, within the Trax Question/Item Bank system users are able to either manually or randomly generate questions, in the case of Multi-Test, specific criteria such as Facility, Discrimination, Reliability, Deviation etc. can be used and the system allows users to blueprint question papers and set Ebel ratings so as to determine the pass mark criteria.  Question papers can be either printed or generated online for use with our own Multi-Test examination software, our Multi-Survey system, or used with other third-party examination systems.

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