Form Designer

Enables users to design forms for use both online and/or on paper through our unique ‘design once and generate onto any platform’ system without the need to learn new procedures or techniques regardless of the data capture technology type used.  Simply put, the online version mirrors a sheet of paper with the same look and feel whether completing the form online or on paper.  This has the advantage of not only familiarity but also flexibility whereby existing papers, in any language or format such as MS Word or .PDF, can be easily uploaded and overlaid with answer boxes of any type including scripted text.   

Unique features include powerful ‘drag and drop’ facilities that allow you to create, copy and move text or answer boxes on the screen, which automatically adjust their position in relation to the form grid points without the need to specify each area where answer or text boxes exist.  Rich text format is fully supported for any font type, style or size  plus a built-in clip art/ picture and mail merge facility for names, course and other details all of which means that you can create/generate your own questionnaires electronically or on paper quickly and easily.

Standard options include:

  • Text, Answer Boxes, User defined Hand/Machine print (ICR/OCR & Online) options, Scripted Answer/Comment Boxes, User defined Combo Box Drop Downs for Online use.
  • Graph/Picture/Border with line/shading options,  Mailmerge facilities, Snippit Library functions to allow block copy, store, paste, delete form areas etc.
  • System tools include resize/renumber plus ’drag & drop’ options, cut/copy/paste facilities, insert/merge/extract/delete pages, insert/delete/indent page lines, auto-labelling, print/preview plus a host of other options. 
  • Text Editor with rich text  supporting multiple languages, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, text justify options, line spacing, bullet options & spell checker.