Training Evaluation - Candidate/Trainee Feedback

Based on our Multi-Survey software, this low-cost module allows you to effectively record and analyse your training evaluation surveys.

  • Quickly gain the opinions of your delegates or trainees.
  • Obtain maximum feedback.
  • Record responses using High-Speed Data Capture.
  • Produce innovative & flexible reports with a click of a button.
  • Effectively monitor your success.

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Training Evaluation - Performance Improvement Process (PIP)

Based on our well known Print & Scan software system, the Performance Improvement Process system (PIP) can be used with either electronic online/offline tablet devices or on paper and  has been honed, especially for the Training Evaluation sector, with the added ability of being able to evaluate either single or groups of candidates during the learning process.

This ground breaking, 360-degree, system allows you to continually reassess whether your training objectives are being met over a period of time or further training interventions are needed.  Insights and opinions of all involved in the training process are captured with views of managers, peers, subordinates and the candidates themselves feeding back to give you the most in-depth and valuable training evaluation data available to you. 

PIP allows continual longitudinal tracking reassessment over any time period on whether objectives and benefits are still being achieved after a candidate has attended your event by the current attitudinal, knowledge, behavioral and skills stance of the employee or student.

Internally, the results can be used to ensure that training is being monitored/ assessed continuously thereby maintaining high standards of both staff and courses.

What does this system offer our users?

This system offers in-depth and targeted insight into the training you provide, it saves you time, gives you a return on your investment, and provides valuable insight into how to grow your business.



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