Bespoke and Tailored Software

In addition to our off the shelf Data Capture packages, Multi-Test & Multi-Survey, we also offer specialised software systems written to clients specifications.

The software can be supplied in a number of languages including VB.NET, C#.NET, JAVA, HTML, PHP as well as SQL and Crystal Reports, for specifically written macros and reports or systems requiring embedded SQL queries. Software platforms can include desktop, online, tablet and mobile technologies using paper, offline or online approaches. 

Our software is diverse, ranging from Order Processing Systems, handling half a million transactions a year, through to SQL based assessment macros, linking to our standard off the shelf software, specialised reporting functions, using Crystal Reports, to paper-based and interactive online systems for examinations and testing. Our services include detailed consultation, an agreed specification, and stage by stage planning and implementation of all bespoke software requirements combined with a first-class backup service to clients.

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