OSCE/OSPE Practical Assessment Software

This unique system allows users to undertake  assessments for a wide spectrum of practical and life skills where a student/candidate needs to be assessed on their knowledge, expertise and attitude, in a simulated real life scenario, including, for example, Medical OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) and Police OSPEs (objective structured practical examinations).

The Trax Assessor uses either a tablet based e-marking application or a paper based OMR solution, both of which  can work in any situation, with features including –

  • Ability to work online or offline (in areas where no internet connection is available).
  • Single or group evaluations of up to ten students/candidates, at the same time.
  • Photographs of students/candidates always displayed.
  • Multiple competencies supported, which can be marked in any order and amended.
  • Optional session timing.
  • Data only submitted once all competencies marked.
  • Immediate feedback on student/candidate and examiner performance.
  • Online hosting using either your web servers or our own secure servers.
  • No data loss, as the system automatically backs up information to removable memory cards.
  • Optional Question Item Bank module integration.  





System Benefits - 

  • Flexibility - supports Online/Offline and Paper-based technologies either separately or together.

  • Instant Access - to test and assessment results from downloaded data with warnings of poorly performing candidates or examiners.

  • Cost-effective  - in terms of time and labour, with purchase outright, cost per student to own or one-off system hire options available.

  • Choice - can be tailored to suit individual needs or used off the shelf. 

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