11+ & GCSE Mock Exam Marking Solutions

Do you specialise in tutoring students for their 11+ or GCSE Exams?

Do you need a simple and easy solution to mark mock tests?

Our highly competitive, low-cost solution, is the ideal way to test children regularly or on a one-off basis, with valuable feedback readily available!

 Substantially reduce your administrative burden with the ability to generate hundreds of individual result reports, ready to send to parents regarding their son or daughter's progress at the click of a button!

Subject Areas can be set within each paper and exam, giving the ability to report on specific learning outcomes, thus allowing you to focus on an individual's needs where further tuition may be required.  The system supports one mark per single correct answer, multi-select options, returning either one mark per question or multiple correct marks, question grouping, returning one mark for multiple correct answers, yes/no, true/false, extended matching etc.

You can design an unlimited number of your own exam forms and tailor each form to suit the type of test being taken as well as print your forms directly from the software.  

No need for overprinting - as the software can mail-merge candidates' names and barcode data directly onto each page to create completely personalised forms.

In relation to the 11+ mock exams, the system covers all aspects relating to the creation of specific mock exam form types including:

Verbal Reasoning
Non-Verbal Reasoning

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