Our Software will revolutionise the way that your company runs exams, assessments, tests and surveys.

With our integrated system, you are able to, literally, manage it all on one platform with software that allows you to do it all right through from the designing of forms to processing and reporting.


The software allows you to:

  • Design specialised forms that are tailored to YOUR needs.

  • Analyse and report on your forms - with the option to produce reports at the click of a button to be distributed as needed.

  • Where needed, store and report on question statistics in our Question/Item Bank module.

  • Guarantee accuracy when marking and reporting on forms.

Transferring your organisation's systems to Trax UK's esystem's eliminates poor accuracy in reporting and analysing ensuring both candidates/students and organisations are satisfied.



What our software consists of:



  • We have over 20 years of experience 
  • Processing forms on a daily basis
  • Customer Support Team on call ready to help
  • Our company executive, Colin Woolhouse, is a proud member of the Market Research Society (MRS) 

Why our systems are the best! :

  • Our systems work with a range of Scanners of which we are provider's of.
  • Our systems work with: mobile devices, tablets, PC/Laptops and OMR (Optical Mark Readers) and OCR/ICR (Image Scanning).
  • We are one of the only data capture software solutions companies that offer systems that work both online and offline. Meaning you will NEVER have to worry about a loss of connection again!
  • We can also offer specialised systems written to clients specifications.