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Leaders in high speed data capture software

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Specialists in Examination, Assessment, Monitoring & Survey Systems

Specialising in high speed data capture products using OMR (optical mark reading), ICR (intelligent character recognition),OCR (optical character recognition), electronic web and email technologies or a combination of any of these technology types.

Uses of Optical Mark Reader Software and Character Recognition Products include:

  • Assessments
  • Administration & Personnel
  • Equal Opportunities Monitoring
  • Examinations/Tests
  • Medical OSCE's
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Attendance Registers/Time Recording
  • Research
  • Surveys
  • Performance Monitoring
Trax UK Ltd - OMR, ICR, and electronic data capture specialists

With over twenty years experience developing Windows based scanner software, Trax UK's OMR, OCR and ICR products and data capture services are used in Education at all stages, including University, Higher and Further Education, as well as Central & Local Government, Health, Police & Armed Forces along with well known commercial organisations.


Please be aware of a scam that is currently taking place in the US whereby an organization, posing as employees from within Trax UK, are recruiting Part-time Data Entry Clerks and sending out fraudulent cheques. These job opportunities are in no way linked to us and if approached, please send details of the people who have contacted you to the relevant Police authorities. We would advise that under no circumstances should you part with any money for training or hardware from this organisation. Apologies for any inconvenience, and please remember that this is outside of our control.

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