Think Data Services Ltd.

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Think Data Services offer high-quality data capture tools to enterprises and public institutions. They were approached by one of their customers who requested the Question/Item Bank software and they immediately thought of Trax UK’s high-quality software.




Think Data Services, based in Accra (Ghana, West Africa), deliver data collection technologies to enterprises and public institutions in different marking segments.

How Trax UK has helped

They assisted Think Data in installing the question/item bank software. So far the software is on 2 pcs (a laptop and a desktop). They recently provided information on how to update the software on one of the Pcs (i.e. laptop)

Trax UK’s Question/Item Bank software provides the perfect solution for the types of organisations that Think Data deal with on a daily basis.

The system allows users to collect and store questions and their version history to be distributed as they wish. Question types supported include, for paper-based examinations, the creation of multi-stem, multiple choice, extended matching, multiple correct answers, Yes/No and True /False type questions. Other options include items such as blueprinting, versioning, ability to set difficulty, importance and Ebel ratings, using the Holsgrove 9 point scale method plus the facility to randomise each question set to help prevent plagiarism.

Our Question/Item Bank software makes storing and distributing questions for examinations seamless and hassle-free. Think Data Services regard it as our best feature available!